Ken Lagasse
CEO Lookout Mission Central/Action Publishing Ltd. 

The Genesis and Significance of Situation Intelligence The Living Guide
and Lookout Mission Central
by Ken Lagasse

In a manner of thinking, Lookout Mission Central (LMC),  Situation Intelligence the Living Guide and the Mission Reports for Lookout Members have been 45 years in the making.

This is a project that could only be completed once I had been involved in many situations, not only directly related to my own accounting, publishing and entrepreneur related activities, but those of my thousands of clients and peers from my many years of practice as an accountant. Now I can pass along the experience I gathered and documented in countless notes and dictations to myself. We all realize (far too often) that situations can be compromised and our options are limited.  This is simply because those involved did not know what was really going on and, most importantly, did not realize this or in some cases, were overwhelmed from the start and this set them on a slippery slope.

There are always realistic options. Many are wrapped up in a cloak of hidden possibilities. You always get what you settle for so now is the time to unveil new options and solutions by reading and using the guide. In addition, as delivered in this membership site, the Mission Reports from Lookout Mission Central deal with specific situations and will give you clear sight lines so you can avoid many of the problems that you face.

Career Highlights
Part of my current practice remains as a public practitioner, operating a professional practice that combines accounting, tax (Canadian) and business and financial consulting to address and craft solutions while considering the daunting mix of rules, regulations and personalities we all deal with.  I like to change the odds on behalf of my clients so the house does not always win.

Past Experience:
Public Accounting Practice
(1976 – present)

Publishing (1987 – present)
Published Focus Magazine (1993 to 1998) that portrayed collaboration and success stories between federal government departments and its top 500 suppliers. Published multiple year 2000 (Y2K) publications and multi-topic guides for small business owners.  Go here for cover images of past publications. 

Real Estate (1983 – 1989)
With other entrepreneurs, converted multiple unit residential rental buildings to condominiums acquired by investors.   

Community Service (2004-2010)
Pioneered a tax specialty service across Canada to assist people with disabilities to retrieve substantial personal tax refunds and/or tax reductions they did not previously apply for. There were over 4,000 clients served.  Soon copycat providers started abusing their clients' eligibility and tax compliance. The tax department was not amused and they basically shut down processing applications for several years. It was time to move on.  

Private Equity Service Provider (2005-2011)
Establishing a ‘one-stop shop’ for those raising private equity so they could comply with securities and tax legislation and provide tax filing and reporting to their investors.   

Small Business Activities (1983– present)
Involved as consultant or co-principal in business activities that included one-hour optical stores, real estate subdivisions, specialty farming, and many client start-ups.

It is my clients' experiences and the interaction with my peers that are the real motivation and genesis of Situation Intelligence, The Living Guide and Lookout Mission Central. Good Fortune.

Ken Lagasse 

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