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Various Mission Reports are provided to Lookout subscribers every month along with additional briefs and audio comments about what is really going on that you need to know about. We are very engaged in looking out for others by elevating awareness that increases situation intelligence in the subject areas.  LMC has no sponsors and does not accept ads. We are independent to better serve our subscribers.  No fluff. No guff. 

Each multi-media Mission Report covers an important situation, circumstance, predicament, theory, or event relative to financial matters, the small business environment and personal lifestyle thinking and doing.  

The Categories
Mission Reports are presented in different categories often with a different look and feel to match the type of content.  Here is a brief description of the categories. The content of each category is below.

These are situations where the content will ensure second guessing is avoided, where saying to yourself, "I wish I had known that" is avoided and the seeds of many opportunities will be found by looking at something from a different point of view.

The highest level of need-to-know information. Many missteps will be prevented and more new opportunities revealed. But first throw out the rose colored glasses and trash the wishful thinking without action.

Often a bold move by you or a third party on your behalf will reset a situation in your favor. Fewer "Why didn't I think of that before" moments and more victory dances. Yes, taking chances is often the only option.

The LMC liaison officer offers her direct insights that will help you navigate difficult or unfamiliar territory. Sherry likes a smooth road to travel and you will appreciate her attitude.

Our resident virtual alien has a unique philosophy and will increase your good karma. He is in touch with some of the forces that rule our fate and is enthusiastic about opening doorways for you.

This is thinking things through with a unique perspective. Focused on critical life circumstances that influence your business, financial and personal realms our think tank will confirm that there are many who would like to provide you a safe path through the jungle.

Attitude meets the best and the worst of the craziness of our world and it's rules, systems and unreal expectations. He thinks he’s the best part of LMC. You decide.

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Upcoming Mission Reports (by category)

One new idea from these hard hitting reports can change your life and there are many actionable ideas, strategies and tactics here. These reports will all be indexed by category as well as in chronological order in the library.

The Corporate Veil of Protection is Crap
Personal liability issues abound even if you are doing business via a corporation. You need creditor protection.

Paying for Someone Else’s Financial and Tax Problems
Really bad outcomes await. It’s risk evaluation time. Again.

Professionals Are Stymied When Performing For You
Many professionals cannot and will not exercise the influence they should to help you.

Estate Planning Part 1
Tax reviews of wills is missing in action. Your successors and beneficiaries will not be visiting your grave. They wouldn’t be able to afford it (mentally as well).

Reconsidering Director’s Liability and Other Vulnerabilities
De facto, agency liability, harmful legislation, EOE ins. You are already damned. There are ways to reduce the vulnerabilities and potential damage.

Corporate Credit Card With Your Name On it
A discussion of personal liability for the balance outstanding on corporate credit cards you are using.

Banking / Credit Risks
Lines of credit -obtaining, keeping, consequences, pay-outs, advantages, best uses, and abuses.

You Are Breaking the Law or Your Agreement
So many laws, so little time to enjoy. So much peril for you and your enemies.

Corporate and Estate Minute Books
Lonely and out of date, yet so influential and necessary.

Financial Fees
Silent killers, abuses and redeeming qualities.

Entrapment Works Both Ways
Easy to join or invest, a nightmare to leave or dispose of. The fine print , legal precedents and bad attitudes combine to corner your business commitments.

Downsizing is Fun
Less is more. Attacking the ‘marginals’, step by step. #1 – stop the bleeding or it will ruin your complexion.

Getting Ready to Fight
You should have a fully equipped arsenal. Who are the fighters that can help? What expertise is required? What are you facing? Answers first, bold moves next.

Situation Intelligence – More Options Than a Smorgasbord in Vegas.
Hints, ideas and outright flagrant but effective Plan Bs.

Changing Your Commitments
This is where being bold pays off (as your parents used to say, it’s for your own darn good!)

Refinancing is a Savior
Miracles can happen because the lender does not want to lose either.

Reviewing Your Dependencies on Others – Part 1
Who to reward and who to avoid. ‘Should have seen that coming’ moments.

Contemplating the Ideal Sizes of Almost Everything
Humanity has learned what the ideal size of groups and things usually is. Don’t ignore history. 80 billion humans have already lived in our world. Let’s see what they reveal about sizing. A two thumbs up rule of thumb.

Enhancing Your Prediction Skills
You are always betting on the future. Why these skills are valuable and how to train yourself and your subconscious to assist your wagering success while avoiding the downers (hopefully).

Reviewing Your Dependencies on Others – Part 2
Symbiotic relationships – why you need them. Badly.

Compliance Workarounds
Hint: there is a lot of grey area out there because authorities are not necessarily experts. Carelessness abounds. Catch them on it. Why do you think lawyers are so busy and expensive?

Friend or Foe?
It’s really easy. Make 2 lists – list the ones that are really for you and the ones that are against you. How to make these lists. Refer to them often.

Statistics That Astonish
Blame the accountant; he helps Sherry provide a list of the quantity and costs of items we consume in one average lifetime. 1,609 chickens anyone?

It Just Doesn’t Feel Right
If it smells funny why aren’t you laughing? An out of this world uptake on the useless and preposterous.

Working the Combinations (aka The Variables of Life)
A masterful illustration of what should be considered in any and all combinations of thoughts or actions you are contemplating. From an alien viewpoint of course.

Best Insights Revisited
Universal truths that sting and thrive.

The Complaint Club
It works both ways. You have way more power than you think. Especially in this age of social media. Talking advantage of what others do wrong. E.g. minority shareholder’s rights (10% club).

Forcing Quick Decisions
We weren’t going to reveal these moves; the Force made us. Let’s just say it’s sometimes about weak moments (capacity, authority, inconsistencies, conflicts of interest … it’s a long list). We blame the Force a lot.

You Have to Choose
Here is a game to help hone your tough decision making skills. World changing choices have to be made. Would you choose to eliminate Ketchup or Mustard? You have 30 seconds to decide. That was an easy decision. Stay tuned as they get harder.

Bizarre, Inane and Bewildering Circumstances and Policies
Taking advantage of situation insanities.

Choosing Trade-Offs is a Favorite Pastime
You can’t have it all, but you can choose your poison.

You Are Being Rated
Everything from credit worthiness to health issues for life insurance policies to haircuts. What you need to know to play the ratings game of life.

It’s Sort of a Waste – Using Band-Aids on a Corpse
What the vultures are up to these days.

Let Someone Else Do It
It’s the way of the world. Just don’t complain about the outcome.

The 5% Club
What they do on purpose and why you should care. Hint: they know most of our enforcement systems are broke.

Resolving the Issues You Have With Life
Sooner or later the past catches up and the future arrives. Saying hello to ghosts of decisions past, now that’s a party.

Triggers You Can Use and Abuse
Numerous ways to start up or escalate improvements. Press play.

Elimination Contests
Preparing for disappearing resources.

They Have a Hold on You
A checklist to carry around for reviewing your impediments before you forget what you did.

Who You Answer To Says A Lot About Your Future
Another look at the facts based on your influencers.

Your Sales Prices Are Too Low
Pricing policies and income necessities are fighting for your attention. It’s a mindset you need to resolve.

Mission Reports Upcoming Series

Some of the special situations covered by LMC need numerous mission reports to cover adequately. These will be indexed in the library so you can view them sequentially. 

Extensive checklists and discussions. Ownership structures absolutely influence everything.

Covering: Achieving Better Profit Margins, Effects of Competition and External Forces, Risk Index, Purchase Agreements, Ideal Recreational Property, Development and Marketing, Business Plans, and more.

Ideal models Revisited, Generating Cash - How Others Make Money, Successful Business Financing, Succession Issues, Creditor Protection.

Plenty of thoughts, ideas and stories to learn about how you are just a number to and what to do about it.

The prophecy grids continue. Easy fulfillment of useful ways to use the Cycles of Reality Principle. A critical observation skill set will be used.

If you don't know what the LMC crew is like you will. Stay tuned.

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