Soak It!
Dire Consequences Could Occur If You Don't Take
Action Immediately on Situations Like These. 

A Story About Being Prepared to Implement A Soak That Saved Lives

A True Story from the Early Twentieth Century

A freight train of 40 cars and the steam engine is meandering along the track in the Rockies. It's on a descent going around a bend beside a river. There is a steep cliff on the other side. The engineer glances ahead and sees a huge boulder on the tracks. He utters a few original unspeakable expressions but with no hesitation yells ‘Soak it!’ The brakeman standing beside him is startled but magically a knife appears and he jumps outside to cut through the air hose connecting the engine to all of the the cars behind it. The brakes immediately seize on every wheel on the train. All wheels literally stop turning. Hellish banshee screaming erupts and sparks light up the day as the wheels grind along the track - solid steel against solid steel. The train lurches to a full stop just in front of the boulder.  The brake man stops grunting and says, "Hell, we could have ended up in the river." The engineer struggles for words "Maybe so, but we soaked her anyway."   Every wheel now had a flat spot on it, making them all unserviceable.   

The Take Away

The engineer had thought about what he would do before this day at this particular moment during this circumstance and so he was ready to make the best possible move. Wow.  

Note: Trains have brakes with air pressure systems that hold the brake pads away from the wheels. Slowly releasing air pressure gradually applies the brake pads gently against the wheels to slow the train. The abrupt release of all the air pressure stomps the pads so forcefully the wheels seize and stop altogether. This is by far the fastest way to stop any vehicle with wheels. Short of hitting the boulder.

We do not know how the phrase Soak It (also sometimes called Soak Her) ever got to be used for these types of events but if you have ever directed a water hose on a cat you will know that it's effective.

OK, so think up some 'Soak It' solutions for the rocky moments you may encounter.

Surprise visits from authorities with lots of backup personnel.
This could be anything from search and seizure to fishing expeditions to intimidation tactics. We are not even talking about those couriers of doom that deliver Statements of Claim against you. They are all just doing their job. Most of us do not have a lawyer on speed dial let alone know what to do while the surprise visit is occurring. Yes, we have rights we need to protect.  
Hint: Don't overreact (not so easy) and start thinking fast. If appropriate ask for ID and document it. Ask them what they want. Be sure they have a warrant to enter. Take pictures or a video of them. 

Some Potential Situations
 Health and safety inspectors

 Municipal bylaw officers 
 Angry spouses 
 Criminal factions 
 Someone you have truly peeved off and other bearers of misery who can shut you down, change the locks, and accuse you of just about anything (sometimes from a position of caution, not correctness. See Mission Report #1 Banks Can Size Your Accounts).

The Sad Truth
Keep in mind that authorities usually have to act on complaints or accusations. Those with no backbone of their own or no honor know that and can complain even if they are not in the right, just to stir the pot. Then you might find it really gets your back up if you have no back up.  

Loss of or a falling out with: a loved one, a key customer or supplier or partner, the possession of a major asset, a competitive advantage that goes south. There is no need to go on with more depressing examples here but it is comforting to know you are prepared - at least in your mind.

Soak It moments are unexpected. The actions/reactions you have that could best save the day are based on how much you have thought it through before it happens. If that hasn't happened some of the quickest workarounds are to control the timing, stay calm and admit nothing. OK this sounds like you are a politician or a diplomat but you have to do something.
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Caught By Surprise

  No time to think it through at first so the farmer used what was at hand.  

But he had another plan for this!

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